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  • Camping

    Learn how to cook over a campfire, discover what essentials you need on every camping trip, and hone your skills
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  • Fishing

    Discover what it takes to fish with flies, in a river, or even through the ice. You will learn about
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  • Hunting

    Whether you want to hunt with a shotgun, rifle, bow, muzzleloader or pistol, you have a home in this Pathway.
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  • Shooting

    Learn about shotguns, rifles, archery, muzzleloaders, and handguns. This program is for those who want to learn about shooting, but
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See yourself in the outdoors!

Nebraska Outdoor U! will take you into the field to experience outdoor recreation at its best. Join the community of outdoors men and women who are awarded points, badges, and free gifts simply by enjoying the outdoors. Become a better camp cook, archer, angler, hunter, or any other outdoor area of expertise through the NOU! community.

Learn more about Outdoor U! or begin your adventure and Live Your Outdoor Life!


Total hours of Adventure spent by NOU! participants in the field.
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