Achievements and Prizes

Here at Nebraska Outdoor U! the possibilities for achievements are endless! Complete goals to earn hours, badges and points.  Accomplish pathway objectives to rack up more points, badges, and earn free gifts. Set up your free OutdoorU! account today to get started and “Live Your Outdoor Life”.

Advance Through Pathways

Complete levels to earn points, badges, and free NOU! gear. Challenge friends and family to become the ultimate outdoorsman!
pathway incetives

Set and Achieve Your Goals

Impress your friends by completing goals. Goals not only will help you rack up the hours spent in the outdoors, but achieving goals also stack up in the form of points and badges. Show that you’re capable of anything and start working through some goals today.

Earn Points

At NOU! points are the currency of the system. Grow wealthy with points as well as knowledge and experience in the out doors by completing pathway objectives, goals, and other outdoor related experiences.

Collect Badges

hunting_duckcommandobadge_3_trailblazerBadges are your prestige as an Outdoor U! member. See how you stack up against others with your badge advancement. Earn more badges by completing more goals and levels.


Total hours of Adventure spent by NOU! participants in the field.
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