Four Pathways currently are available to guide you on your way to success, enjoyment, and confidence in your outdoor pursuits.  Within each Pathway, there are six levels of achievement for you to reach and expand your knowledge and skills.  You can tailor your experience to your needs, desires, and schedule. Work through the levels at your own pace, and learn about the skills you want to develop!

You can progress as far as you want in any or all of the Pathways.  Develop your skills and share them with others.  Foster respect and responsibility for the natural resources of Nebraska.  Become a part of something that is healthy, fun, and good for the environment, Nebraska, and for you!!  Live your outdoor life and sign up now!

Levels of Achievement

In each pathway, there are six levels of achievement for you to experience.  Each level builds on the experiences and knowledge you gained from the previous level.  Here is a synopsis of each level and what it means.








Shooting Sports


Levels of Achievement


Pathfinder – Discover the way

In the Pathfinder level, you will gain knowledge through research and quizzes. This is the initial exposure to your selected discipline and its activities, equipment, areas and concepts.


Explorer – Travel and search out new information

Get out and explore! Become more involved in activities, training, and group functions. Start a journal, help the environment, and plan a trip are just a few of the things you get to do in this level.


Trailblazer – Blaze a trail to lead others

Blaze a trail to active participation in your discipline. Purchase permits, visit new areas, help others enjoy the outdoors. Meet people that share your outdoor passion. Live your outdoor life.


Pioneer – Help prepare others to follow

Become a certified leader and involve others in a discipline of your choice. Engage others in the Nebraska outdoors. Help someone achieve the Pathfinder level.


Mentor – Become a trusted leader

Give back to your discipline by leading others. Create a program and present it to a group that is interested in the outdoors. Volunteer and become active in an organization of your choice.


Legacy – Share your time and talents with others

Create programs, share your passion and knowledge with others. Pass the enjoyment, respect, and responsibility of Nebraska’s great outdoors on to someone else. This is your Legacy.

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